The Department of Military Science is like no other academic department at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Through classroom instruction, physical training, and leadership labs, Army ROTC instills Cadets with leadership skills, the Army values, professionalism, and a sense of pride.  Since its establishment in 1947, the UCSB Surfrider Battalion has commissioned over 1,400 United States Army Officers, who lead successful post-UCSB lives both inside and outside of the military.  These commissionees and current Cadets are proud to be a part of such an institution.  The Department of Military Science / ROTC thrives on the connections built between past and present participants.  Graduates of the UCSB Department of Military Science maintain that sense of camaraderie and act as mentors to one another in both their personal and professional lives. It is the department's goal to strengthen this lasting bond and continue the promotion of mentorship and camaraderie between current Cadets and past commissionees.

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Surfrider Battalion Scholarship Fund

Gifts to the Department of Military Science / ROTC will go toward the Surfrider Battalion Scholarship Fund.  This fund is allotted to enrolled Cadets.  This award will allow these Cadets to pay for expenses such as housing or tuition and fees.  This fund is supported solely by generous donations from the public and alumni of the program.

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CPT Dion J. Burmaz Memorial Fund

The Department of Military Science, in consultation with Dion’s family, will award the annual scholarship in his memory to an academically aligned and contracted Cadet who has demonstrated excellence academically, volunteered in community service or on-campus activities, participated in Army ROTC extracurricular activities, and adhered to the Army’s seven values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.  The department may require applicants to include an essay as part of the selection criteria.

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CPT Christopher Walter Memorial Fund

The Cadet who is selected to receive CPT Christopher C. Walter’s award has achieved the highest standards of excellence in leadership and physical fitness and has exhibited outstanding strength of character.  These as well as many other admirable traits were possessed by CPT Walter, causing him to be greatly respected and loved by his family, friends, and colleagues.  It is hoped that awardees will find the kind of success and happiness in life that CPT Walter knew and so willingly shared with those around him.

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The Live Like Regi Alumni Scholarship Fund

The Live Like Regi Alumni Scholarship Fund is established in memory of Captain Reginald “Regi” Jerome Johnson, to honor his outstanding contributions and service to our country as a fighter pilot in the U.S. Marines Corps, and his unrelenting commitment to his far-reaching circle of friends. The fund is created through the generosity of his many friends, family and those that served with him. Regi received his B.S. in Math from UC Santa Barbara in 1994, was a hurdler on the UCSB Track and Field team and a fraternity brother of Phi Sigma Kappa.

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You may also mail your donation by check to:

Department of Military Science
University of California, Santa Barbara
Building 451, Mesa Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-7070

Please note in the comment section on your check which scholarship fund your donation is for if you have a preference.

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